Build over Agreement Form

Building over agreement forms are an essential aspect of property development that can sometimes be overlooked. This form acts as a legal document between a property owner and the relevant authorities, such as a local council or water authority, allowing them to build over an existing structure.

When you`re planning a construction project, it`s important to consider whether or not your proposed development will require a build over agreement form. If your project involves building over a public sewer or other similar infrastructure, a build over agreement will be necessary to ensure compliance with regulations and to protect the integrity of the infrastructure beneath.

The build over agreement form outlines the responsibilities of the property owner and the relevant authority, including the maintenance and repair of the infrastructure beneath the development. It also sets out any restrictions or conditions that must be met before construction can begin, such as providing access for inspection and making sure that the development does not interfere with the underground infrastructure.

Before preparing the build over agreement form, it`s important to consult with the relevant authority to ensure that you`re meeting all the necessary requirements. This can include obtaining certain permits or approvals, providing detailed plans of the development, and agreeing to any conditions or restrictions that may be necessary.

One of the most important aspects of the build over agreement form is the level of detail provided. This document should outline everything from the scope of the project to specific timelines for construction and completion. This level of detail helps ensure that all parties involved are clear on their responsibilities throughout the development process.

It`s worth noting that failing to obtain a build over agreement before construction begins can result in significant delays and extra costs. In some cases, it can even result in the need for costly remediation work if the infrastructure is damaged during construction.

In conclusion, a build over agreement is an essential document for property developers planning to build over existing infrastructure. By ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting the integrity of the underground infrastructure, this agreement can help ensure a smoother and more successful construction project. If you`re planning a development that involves building over a public sewer or other similar infrastructure, make sure to consult with the relevant authority and obtain a build over agreement before beginning construction.